It’s not hopeless and we’re not helpless

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There is much gloom and doom regarding climate change and pollution, and much of it is warranted. We are facing threats unlike anything our planet has experienced before. My goal was to write a hopeful, optimistic book for young readers, explaining the challenges we face, while spending just as much time and effort on solutions, highlighting kids who are already stepping up to create a cleaner, more sustainable world. My take: we can have everything we want and need, but do so with less stress and harm on the only home we have. We already have the technology needed to embrace this brave, new, lower-carbon world. But do we have the will to match our words with actions?
Young people are fired up, engaged and already pushing us into a smarter, clean-energy future. Gifted artist and illustrator Chelen Ecija and I collaborated on this project to show that every threat is an opportunity for a re-do, a chance to change, pivot, reimagine  and reinvent a world where future generations work together to make sure every child can grow up and prosper on a healthier planet – an inevitable future where we tackle water, air and plastic pollution, a future where we avoid a worst-case climate warming scenario and costly weather extremes. A Kid’s Guide to Saving the Planet provides practical solutions and expert advice on how we can emerge into a cleaner, greener world…hopefully sooner than anyone thought possible.

Praise for A Kid’s Guide to Saving the Planet

“An inspiring, comprehensive exploration of a timely issue: the health of planet Earth. Paul’s creative approach is accessible to multiple age groups with engaging artwork to boot. A gift not only for the reader but for the environment as well!”

Colleen Johanneck

K12 Educator

“This book is a unique and visually-effective take on climate change. The author brings his extensive experience in meteorology to connect weather, climate, and the changes to both. The story of this book is not your typical climate story. It is a story of hope and promise, of solutions and progress. You will not only understand the problems we face but know that we can solve them.”

John Abraham

Professor, University of St. Thomas

“Completely credible – and colorful to boot! Young people are at the forefront of the fight to save this planet, and this useful book will make them more informed, more optimistic, and more powerful!”

Bill McKibben

Environmentalist, Educator, Co-Founder, 350.org